Crazy Sholarships you probably did not know existed

USA Scholarships for International Students 2022-23

It’s no secret that education in the US is one of the most expensive in the world. Even kindergartens, elementary and high schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention colleges and even more so universities. Even for many Native Americans, sending their children to university is a pipe dream. To enter a higher education institution in the United States, you need special achievements, for example, in the field of sports, or really impressive academic achievements, including at the international level.

Despite all the difficulties of getting into US universities, not only Americans, but also many ambitious foreigners strive for this. Others are put off by the myths about the American higher education system, which is why they miss their chance to get the best education in the world. Meanwhile, like many typical American things, everything related to the US education system, although very complex and cumbersome, has many loopholes and opportunities in this complexity that you can use to your advantage. The flexibility of the system is exactly what makes it attractive to international students. And the most important element that should be paid attention by those foreign applicants who want to try their luck at Home of the Brave is scholarships. Moving to the US for studies can be the beginning of many major life changes, such as the start of an international career.

An academic scholarship is an opportunity to get a higher education for free or almost free of charge. The scholarship can cover all or part of the cost of education, while it is not equal to a student loan, which then needs to be “worked off”. American universities are interested in attracting strong students from all over the world.Most universities have their own fund of academic scholarships. Their size and requirements for applicants vary greatly everywhere. However, for international students, scholarships that are paid directly by the US federal government are of greater interest. This is due to the fact that when applying for government scholarships, the student is not tied to a particular university, in contrast to the case when an applicant applies for a place at a particular university.

Among the government scholarships for international students available in 2022-23 is the Fulbright International Student Program. It awards scholarships to approximately 8,000 students each year. In addition to the learning process itself, the scholarship compensates for the cost of textbooks, accommodation, air travel and even medical insurance.

Also of interest is the Hubert Humphreyscholarship and grant program for undergraduate students. It awards only about 200 scholarships a year, but their attractiveness is great: they cover language training, provide maintenance allowance, a subsidy for computer equipment, air travel and medical insurance.

All scholarships, both federal and from specific universities, are divided into general purpose, specialized and postgraduate scholarships.

Global UGRAD is a student exchange program initiated by the US Department of State. For those who pass the annually organized competition, not only study in the USA, which lasts a year, but also a scholarship become available.

Fellowship is a scholarship focused on the continuation of studies of university graduates who have shown good results. Thanks to it, foreigners can continue their studies at a master’s or postgraduate level, and engage in scientific research.

Grants are a good alternative to traditional scholarships. It is often easier to get them than a traditional scholarship. As a rule, grants are allocated within certain areas of activity and require recipients to report on their achievements. A number of universities offer large scholarships for international students. Among these programs are the Berea College Scholarship (covers 100% of the costs), the East Tennessee Community University Scholarship (covers 50% of the costs), Wagner University of New York Scholarships (for gifted students, the amount of coverage varies), University of the WestScholarship(covers the full cost of tuition, but is available only for students with high academic achievements), scholarships at Boston University.

How to Find a College Scholarship

Entering college is a milestone in the life of every young American. In most cases, a person’s future life path, his career, income level, social circle, leisure, and almost everything that is included in the concepts of “winner” or “loser” depends on the success in college or the inability to afford higher education. At the same time, for many Americans, not to mention foreign students, the concept of “scholarship”is shrouded in darkness and myths. Usually, under this world people understand full coverage of study fees, but in fact, less than half of a percent of college students receive scholarships of this type. This is less than 20 thousand people a year. Meanwhile, over 6 million students receive more modest scholarships each year.

A scholarship is a type of financial aid for students, which also includes grants, student loans, and study jobs. Scholarships are most often based on merit (grades) or special ability, such as achievement in sports or music, although some may be need-based, such as programs for as for low-income students. As with grants and jobs, a student may lose a scholarship if he no longer meets the criteria for which he received it, that is, his performance in studies, sports or the arts deteriorates.

Scholarship funding comes from sources such as the federal and state governments, schools, employers, individuals (often famous politicians, patrons or artists), private companies, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, professional associations.

To get a scholarship, first of all, you need to soberly assess your skills and knowledge. This can be called the evaluation of scholarship qualifications. Pay attention to your grades, special skills, hobbies, sporting achievements, social connections, membership in religious organizations,and marital status. Not all scholarships revolve around football: many are available even to gardening fans.

You can start your search for available scholarships by consulting with the school. Then you can contact the financial aid offices of colleges and universities, clarify information in churches, local public organizations, enterprises where you would like to work after graduation. It’s a good idea to talk to businesses where your parents or other relatives work, as well as to your state Department of Education or veterans’ organizations office if your family has a military background.

Searching for Scholarships in Online Search Engines

Free online search engines can help you find additional, near-limitless scholarship opportunities, including some that your current institution or community organization may not know exists. Special aggregator sites for available scholarships include the ability to filter search results according to your achievements and characteristics. Among the most trusted and popular online college scholarship search tools is Sallie Mae Scholarship Search, U.S. Department of Labor Scholarship Finder, College Board Scholarship Search, U.S. Department of Education State Contacts, Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, Fastweb, Niche, Chegg Scholarships and They all offer different interfaces and different search features, but they all have in common the fact that they are all free. If you encounter any such service that requires you to pay for a search operation or for filing an application, it is likely that there are scammers behind it.

The main difference between scholarships and grants is that they are usually based on merit and not on the financial needs of applicants. They are awarded to talented students who excel in certain areas of study. Scholarships often require a separate application. In some cases, in order to apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to write a motivation letter, essay, CV, or other similar assignment. It isadvised to start looking for scholarships as early as possible: as soon as the student of the school understands in which area he or she would like to develop. For most teenagers, this is between the ages of 13 and 14.


Common Knowledge Scholarship

Are you a Know it All?

No really, do you know a whole lot about well, a whole lot? If so the Common Knowledge Scholarship challenges may be right up your ally! The Common Knowledge Scholarship ranges from $250 to $3000.

This scholarship is open to all US high school students, and challenges are held every month. For more information visit Common Knowledge Scholarship


McDonald’s Scholarship

This one barely made the list but I figure a scholarship given by a dude in a clown suit deserved at least a mention. The Ronald McDonald Scholarship has given out over 40 million dollars in scholarships since 1985! They actually have 4 different scholarships but you can only apply for one.

The RMHC Scholars Scholarship is open to all students regardless of race and is based on academic achievement and need.

The RMHC African American Future Achievers  Scholarship is a minority scholarship. This scholarship is open to those who have at least one parent that is of African American or Black Caribbean decent, awards vary.

RMHC/HACER Scholarship program is open to Hispanic students that demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.

RMHC Asia Scholarship is open to students with a t least one parent of Asian-Pacific decent, and is determined on merit and financial need.

These scholarships are open to those who have a RMHC chapter in their area.

For more information on how to get a dude in a clown suit to give you cash for school, you can visit the McDonald’s Scholarship website and download the application.

David Letterman Scholarship

Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

Like David Letterman? Considering a degree Telecommunications or Radio and Television?

The David Letterman Scholarship was created for creative telecommunication students a Ball State University and awards up to $10,000 in scholarship money

The contact information for David Letterman Scholarships is:

David Letterman Scholarship
Telecommunications Department
2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306
Phone: 1-800-382-8540
webite: Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

Grades are not a considered, Must be full-time student and U.S. citizen, Students must choose projects that involve a variety of media functions including written work, video, audio, research, graphics and film. Top winner receives $10,000. The first runner-up receives $5,000 and the second runner-up receives $3,333.

Deadline: March 1st of the calendar year

To find out more an to apply, please visit David Letterman Scholarship.


Fire Sprinkler Scholarship

AFSA Scholarship Program

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship – Want an easy scholarship? It does not get much easier than this to qualify. Read an essay about fire sprinklers, take a 10 question test and you qualify for a $2000 fire sprinkler scholarship, lol,WTF?  High School Seniors may enter this contest for the opportunity to win 1 of 10 $2,000 Scholarships.

Find out more about this weird Scholarship at  Fire Sprinkler Scholarship


Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship

Caddie your way into College Cash

Love Golf? Are you an awesome Caddie? If so the Chick Evens Caddie Scholarship may be for you! This scholarship is sponsored by the WGA and awards more than 840 talented caddies with an opportunity to pay for their college and housing.

To qualify, caddies must be nominated by their club and meet four requirements, outstanding caddie record (working regularly for at least two years), have at least 3.0 grade average at completion of Junior year of high school, must display finacial need, and must have outstanding character.

to find out more and get the application visit Chick Evens Caddie Scholarship


One for the Little People

I have already shared a scholarship or tall people but inadvertently failed to report on college money available for those shorter stature. But fear not, here is one for the little people.

Little People of America Scholarship:

If you are 4’10” or less, or can produce a medical form of dwarfism this scholarship may be of interest to you, but be aware scholarships are given, in order of preference to:

• members of LPA who have a medically diagnosed form of dwarfism
• immediate family members of dwarfs who are also paid members of LPA
• people with dwarfism who are not members of LPA

Scholarship information and application, including letters of recommendation, are available online from early January and due by mid-April in the year prior to the school year you are planning on attending college. For example, if your intent is to attend college starting in Fall of 2012, then you would need to apply by April 22, 2012.

For more information and to apply to this scholarship visit the LPA scholarship site


Scholarship for Left Handed People

Lucky Lefty?

Are you left handed and feel like the odd one out? Did you know 8 of our presidents including Barack Obama are/were left handed? Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Kobain, Leonardo da Vinci, and countless other talented or famous share your ability as well.

Now you can not only get recognized for your left handed ability you can also use it to get a college scholarship!

The Frederick and mary F. Beckley Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to sophomores, juniors and seniors attending Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA, and are left handed.


Weird Scholarships for Girls

Alice Carver Ratchford Scholarships for girls

This Scholarship is for girls only, more specifically broke girls that live on campus, don’t have a ride, and have no other scholarships. WTF? really, I’m not joking those are the requirements, lol.

So if your a broke ass girl with no ride and live in a dorm, your in luck…finally.

*EDIT* Oh i just seen this, and had to edit, you must not have ever been married either, so let me update the requirements, You must be a broke, lonely, girl with no ride and live in a dorm, has no other scholarships and attend the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

To find out more about this scholarship and get the application visit Weird Scholarships for Girls

This is the only one I could find for girls only, if you find any other weird scholarships for girls only let me know using the contact form.