Crazy Sholarships you probably did not know existed

McDonald’s Scholarship


This one barely made the list but I figure a scholarship given by a dude in a clown suit deserved at least a mention. The Ronald McDonald Scholarship has given out over 40 million dollars in scholarships since 1985! They actually have 4 different scholarships but you can only apply for one.

The RMHC Scholars Scholarship is open to all students regardless of race and is based on academic achievement and need.

The RMHC African American Future Achievers  Scholarship is a minority scholarship. This scholarship is open to those who have at least one parent that is of African American or Black Caribbean decent, awards vary.

RMHC/HACER Scholarship program is open to Hispanic students that demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.

RMHC Asia Scholarship is open to students with a t least one parent of Asian-Pacific decent, and is determined on merit and financial need.

These scholarships are open to those who have a RMHC chapter in their area.

For more information on how to get a dude in a clown suit to give you cash for school, you can visit the McDonald’s Scholarship website and download the application.

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