Unusual and Weird Scholarships 2015

fotolia_77947120_xs-1986288Almost everyone has something kind of, well… odd about them. Little did you know that sixth toe might be just the key to paving the way through college! That’s a bit of and exaggeration but not by much!  There are literally thousands of scholarships available RIGHT NOW that cater to the unusual. It used to be, if you didn’t have a perfect GPA, a perfect set of teeth and the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, you could most likely kiss off getting a conventional, Middle America, Baked-Chicken-and-Mashed-Potatoes-For-Dinner-Again scholarship. That’s the awesome thing about this country – anything goes! At this point you may be thinking that we’re having you on. We promise, we’re not. Take a stroll through the various pages and posts of our site, and you may just find your ticket to a free (or at least markedly reduced) college education.

Still don’t believe us?

That’s okay. It took us a while to grasp the concept that scholarships can basically just fall out of the sky and land at your feet because you’re weird and wonderful. If it’s still too much to take in, keep reading. We’re going to SHOW you. For instance, did you know that if your hidden talent, your calling in life is a wicked, er, duck call, you can win a $2,000 scholarship? That’s right. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest offers up a total of $4,250 in scholarship money, with the first place winner receiving $2k of that. So, maybe your Uncle Ed couldn’t teach you calculus, but he did impart his wisdom on attracting all of the water fowl for a two-mile radius. That easily pays for a semester’s worth of books and a case of Bud Light. Or Fanta. Whichever.

Where to find these alleged scholarships

So, how do you go about finding these scholarships? Well, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. We have sought out the weird, wild and generally amusing and every time a new one pops up on our radar, we present it here on our very own corner of the internet. From having the fortune to carry the last name of Van Valkenburg (yes, that is a real last name ), to being really freakin’ tall, there is a scholarship for nearly everyone out there.

How do I apply?

Just like the unique and varied nature of the scholarships themselves, the ways and modes of applying are numerous. The best bet is to thoroughly read through the guidelines, then read them again. Some of them require that a club sponsor you, some require that you appear in-person and do something to prove you’re just that unusual. Many of the applications are shorter and less inclined to demand a DNA test and your first born for the privilege. Some are set up more like standard scholarships, requiring transcripts and SAT scores. It’s really just up to the scholarship committee to decide how to go about finding the perfect match.

How many should I apply for?

That’s kind of a personal question, don’t you think? Not in the icky, TMI sort of way, but seriously, how would we know? Just like fingerprints, everyone is an individual and your saturation limit for filling out forms might be much greater than your biology partner – you know, the one that collects Klingon memorabilia (oh, did we mention that there is also a Klingon scholarship?). What we can tell you is that the more you apply for, the higher your chances for scoring some money for college. Read carefully, but most will not limit the number of scholarships you can receive, and aren’t contingent upon you having secured other means of funding.

The waiting game…

So, you apply and then what? If you’re anything like, well, everyone else (not saying you’re not unique!), you’re feeling a bit impatient. We don’t blame you, but don’t fret. Remember that these are mostly small scholarships, and as such, will probably have smaller review committees, which means it could take them a while to get back to you. Make sure you read the fine print – most will get back to you via some form of mail, but some may not contact those that weren’t selected at all. Be sure to make copies of all of the paperwork you submit, so you can easily reference it. Gnawing one’s nails to the quick is counterproductive and really won’t make them get back to you any faster.
If and when you’re granted your scholarship, we’d love to hear from you (we like hearing from you anyway). Should you trip across a scholarship you think worthy of our site’s esteemed WTF stamp, please share it! Your last name might not be Blippinmeier, and you may not have been born under the full moon in a Forest Service lookout tower, but chances are, someone out there was, and they have a scholarship coming!

Klingon Scholarship – yes this is real

KLI Acedimic Award: The Kor Memorial Scholarship Ok so you may not actually have to speak Klingon to get this, but your reputation as the ultimate Trekky would definitely be improved with this scholarship on  your transcript. This is a $500 scholarship from the Klingon Language institute for students entering

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Birthright – Last Name Scholarships

Last Name Scholarships Who knew you could get money for college just based on your last name (even if your parents are broke as hell). I was surprised to find not just one but three scholarships based on the fortunate condition of having the right name. John Gatling Scholarship – If

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Dr Pepper Scholarship

Dr Pepper Scholarship,  $1,000,000 tuition giveaway! I love a good cold Dr Pepper, but love ‘em or hate ‘em I doubt anyone would turn down a $100,000 grand scholarship from them. As far as scholarship/contest go this is a pretty cool one and the scholarship awards are quite hefty. Dr

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Tylenol Scholarship

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship If your considering the medical field this is a nice one! $5000 to $10,000 college scholarship from Tylenol. This scholarship is awarded to 40 lucky students each year. Tylenol has been giving these scholarships out for 20 years and will issue $250,000 in scholarships this year!

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