Crazy Sholarships you probably did not know existed


Birthright – Last Name Scholarships

Last Name Scholarships

Who knew you could get money for college just based on your last name (even if your parents are broke as hell). I was surprised to find not just one but three scholarships based on the fortunate condition of having the right name.

John Gatling Scholarship – If your last name is Gatling or Gatlin, it may be worth your while to move to North Carolina, because you may be eligible for a FULL ride scholarship from North Carolina State university.  For more information about this scholarship visit: John Gatling Scholarship

Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship –  Dig out your family tree, because if your somehow a descendant of Lambert and Annetje Van Valkenburg, you can get a cool $1000 scholarship for your academic en devours. So go ask grandma about your great, great, great, gran-pappy Van Valkenburg and visit Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship for more information.

Zolp Scholarship – Really? Zolp? WTF? but yeah if your last name happens to be Zolp and you happen to be catholic, and you happen to want to atten Loyola University than you are in luck my friend! Its says the amount  will vary depending upon fund availability and the number of eligible recipients, but my guess is there are probably some funds backed up….Just sayin’. Find out more and the the application at Zolp Scholarship.