Crazy Sholarships you probably did not know existed


Fire Sprinkler Scholarship

AFSA Scholarship Program

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship – Want an easy scholarship? It does not get much easier than this to qualify. Read an essay about fire sprinklers, take a 10 question test and you qualify for a $2000 fire sprinkler scholarship, lol,WTF?  High School Seniors may enter this contest for the opportunity to win 1 of 10 $2,000 Scholarships.

Find out more about this weird Scholarship at  Fire Sprinkler Scholarship


One for the Little People

I have already shared a scholarship or tall people but inadvertently failed to report on college money available for those shorter stature. But fear not, here is one for the little people.

Little People of America Scholarship:

If you are 4’10” or less, or can produce a medical form of dwarfism this scholarship may be of interest to you, but be aware scholarships are given, in order of preference to:

• members of LPA who have a medically diagnosed form of dwarfism
• immediate family members of dwarfs who are also paid members of LPA
• people with dwarfism who are not members of LPA

Scholarship information and application, including letters of recommendation, are available online from early January and due by mid-April in the year prior to the school year you are planning on attending college. For example, if your intent is to attend college starting in Fall of 2012, then you would need to apply by April 22, 2012.

For more information and to apply to this scholarship visit the LPA scholarship site


Weird Scholarships for Girls

Alice Carver Ratchford Scholarships for girls

This Scholarship is for girls only, more specifically broke girls that live on campus, don’t have a ride, and have no other scholarships. WTF? really, I’m not joking those are the requirements, lol.

So if your a broke ass girl with no ride and live in a dorm, your in luck…finally.

*EDIT* Oh i just seen this, and had to edit, you must not have ever been married either, so let me update the requirements, You must be a broke, lonely, girl with no ride and live in a dorm, has no other scholarships and attend the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

To find out more about this scholarship and get the application visit Weird Scholarships for Girls

This is the only one I could find for girls only, if you find any other weird scholarships for girls only let me know using the contact form.


Scholarships for Twins

Twins can mean Double trouble when it comes time for paying for college. Managing to put one child through school can be challenging enough as it is, but two at once? ouch! Fortunately several colleges have created special scholarships just for twins, most of these give a discount for the second sibling, but some give as much as half off tuition for both! Pretty cool way to save for twins seeking higher education.

Here are some of the scholarships available for twins:

  • Sterling College  (Sterling, Kansas) offers a great scholarship opportunity for twins, Each twin (or multiple birth) receives a scholarship for 50% of their tuition, this saves each twin up to $9000!
  • Wilson College  (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) This all-female school offers an annual scholarship for twins and triplets. This scholarship for twins will pay 45% of each twins tuition.
  • Lake Erie College  (Painesville, Ohio) This college does a BOGO scholarship, one twin receives a full scholarship which saves the pair 50%, both have to attend Lake Erie College at the same time to be eligible for the funds.
  • Randolph College   (Lynchburg, Virginia) Each Twin gets a 15% discount for every year in attendance, not as big as a discount as some but this would add up to pretty big savings in course of 4 years for two students.
  • Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College   (Miami, Oklahoma) Not cash but a free dorm room is big savings, NEO covers the cost of a semi private dorm for twins and triplets attending Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Scholarships offered by Twins Organizations

There are a couple of scholarships for twins offered by twin organizations, these do not have huge awards but are nice because you can use them at the college of your choice.

  • Twins Day Festival  (Twinsburg, Ihio) This annual twins festival offer scholarships of $1000 to a lucky set of twins each year, there is a bit of a catch with this one, you have to have been a regular attendee of the festival and have attended 3 of the last five events.
  • Shan Pynes Scholarship from Northwest Association Mother of Twins Clubs offers several scholarships every year to twins, and multiples, these scholarships for twins was once known as the Twins Fund.

Scholarship for Tall People

Tall People Scholarship – How’s the weather up there?

Yeah so if you’ve heard that lame line all your life you may qualify for this scholarship. To qualify for the $1000 Tall Clubs International (a social organization for tall people) Scholarship you must be at least 6’2″ for males, and 5’10″ for females and an essay on “what being tall means to me”.

Currently the only way to apply for this scholarship is locate the nearest Tall Clubs International club near you, they must sponsor you for this scholarship. To find a location near you visit their website at Tall Clubs International


Duct Tape Scholarship

OK, this is probably one of my favorite WTF? scholarships. How do you win this one? Simple, make you and your prom dates prom outfit totally with duck brand duct tape, strut your stuff at your prom in stylish duct tape and send in your pictures to be judges. You will definitely be the most talked about couple at prom and you may just end up with a $3000 college scholarship for your efforts.

You have got to check out their site even if your not interested in claiming the scholarship money, it’s crazy what these kids can do with duct tape these days. You can see these crazy outfits and find out more about the scholarship at Duct Tape Scholarship


Star Trek Star fleet Academy Scholarship

Star fleet Academy Scholarship

(Captain Kirk would be so proud) –  If you happen to be a member in good standing with Star fleet, a Star Trek related organization otherwise known as The International Star Trek Association, and attend any type higher education institution (community colleges, four-yea

r colleges, most technical schools, junior colleges and universities or graduate school) you may qualify for $500 (in earth currency) worth of scholars

hip money! So polish up your phaser, set it to stun, and cash in on this unique scholarship opportunity.

To find out more about the Star fleet  Academy Scholarship you can visit their site at:  Star fleet Scholarship


Flavor of the Month Scholarship

Flavor of the Month is a special scholarship for ice cream lovers. Launched by the famous Unigo group, the grant under this scholarship is $1,500.

This scholarship is currently available to the residents of the United States who are 13 years or older. It is crucial that the applicant be either currently enrolled or should enroll in an institution which is above higher secondary by no later than fall 2022.

In order to apply for this scholarship, you are required to sign up and answer a simple question which asks you which flavor would you be and why. The last date to apply for this scholarship is October 31, 2016. You can visit Unigo’s website and submit your application.

It is important to keep note that if you are a graduate, you would need to enter your GPA, and provide all the academic information during the application process. The questions that are essential to answer are marked with a star (*) symbol. Once you are done filling in the application, you can either save it as a draft or click apply.

Winners of this scholarship would be notified by either email or phone. The scholarship prize would be awarded in as a check, and would be directly payable to the education institution upon the enrollment and not to the individual. The winner would need to give a proof of enrollment to an accredited institution by no later than December 31, 2020.

Unigo group – an online business matching students with scholarships, internships, and student loans – is famous for rolling out a wide range of scholarships: Merit based scholarship, minority scholarship, and many others. They match scholarships for over $14 Billion, and students extensively use their services for various academic need.

There are many other scholarships that you apply on their portal, don’t hold yourself and sign up for flavor of the month scholarship now. Good luck.

visit here to apply


Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

How would you fancy receiving US$ 2000 to go towards your college education? Well, if you are a Zombie Apocalypse fan then your creativity can easily win you the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship prize. Winning this is as easy as having a great contingency plan in mind that can save you, should your school ever face an attack by flesh-eating zombies.

If you are a fan of the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ or enjoy watching, movies like ‘Maggie’ and ‘World War Z’, then you must have thought of what you would do if zombies attacked your school. For the 2015 award, the Zombie Scholarship Committee would want to read from the applicants, their survival plan that highlights where they would hide or what they would do if they do not need to hide. The essay response needs to include a few essential things the survivors would carry with them.

To qualify for the award, applicants need to be at least 13 years at the time of making application and be enrolled in any post-secondary institution holding recognizable accreditation. Students planning to enroll before the fall of 2012 also qualify to apply for the award. The applicants must be residents of any of the 50 states that make up the United States or be residing in the District of Columbia.

The essay submission, which should be not more than 250 words, needs be original and previously unpublished. This should be done online between November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015. The scholarship committee allows only one application per person. Aside from the essay, applicants should also include full name, contact information as well as background and academic details.

The scholarship committee informs applicants that their written response should be in proper English with correct grammar and spelling. The committee disqualifies written responses that are libelous, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable.

The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship prize is US$ 2000, presented as a check made payable to the award recipient’s post-secondary institution.

For more information and to apply visit here


Pumpkin Carving Scholarship

Just in time for Halloween!!!

Aiming to provide financial assistance to deserving students pursuing higher education, Wholesale Halloween Costumes (WHC) is an organization that lets individuals win scholarships by using their creativity and imagination. Awarding multiple scholarships each year, WHC is currently running their Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Scholarship Award contest which began on August 13, 2015 and will end on November 4, 2015.

Available to full-time or part-time enrollees of accredited 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, or vocational schools within the U.S., the winner of this Halloween costume scholarship contest will receive a $500 award which can be used for college expenses like tuition fees and books. Aside from the scholarship grant, the winner’s submission entry will be featured on WHC’s official Facebook fan page and blog.

To vie for the Halloween costume scholarship award, interested students need to come up with their most artistic, creative, and imaginative pumpkin carving design. Once done, entries are to be emailed to following these rules:

*File submission format: JPG

*File naming structure: whc-pumpkin-FirstName-LastName-#.jpg

*Photos (maximum of 4): Progression photos of you carving the pumpkin with your final photo showing the image of your finished lit pumpkin.

*Video (optional): A short video of you carving your pumpkin.

*E-mail: Must include your full name, complete home address, phone number, date of birth, name of parent or guardian (if you are below 18 years of age), email address, school name, and GPA

Aside from being enrolled at an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or vocational school, a student joining this contest should either be a legal resident of the United States, or an owner of a valid student visa. Each student is allowed only 1 entry.

All entries should be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on November 4, 2015. Wholesale Halloween Costumes will judge the entries based on creativity, originality, and quality. Announcement of the winner will be done a few weeks after the contest deadline. Students are encouraged to visit the Wholesale Halloween Costumes site from time to time to check out the latest news.

The next scholarship contest will begin on November 5, 2015, immediately after the conclusion of the current Halloween costume scholarship contest.

apply here