Crazy Sholarships you probably did not know existed


Weird Scholarships for Girls

Alice Carver Ratchford Scholarships for girls

This Scholarship is for girls only, more specifically broke girls that live on campus, don’t have a ride, and have no other scholarships. WTF? really, I’m not joking those are the requirements, lol.

So if your a broke ass girl with no ride and live in a dorm, your in luck…finally.

*EDIT* Oh i just seen this, and had to edit, you must not have ever been married either, so let me update the requirements, You must be a broke, lonely, girl with no ride and live in a dorm, has no other scholarships and attend the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

To find out more about this scholarship and get the application visit Weird Scholarships for Girls

This is the only one I could find for girls only, if you find any other weird scholarships for girls only let me know using the contact form.